Tuesday, 14 November 2006

woohoo i started a blog... you may be thinking what a ridiculous time wasting idea (especially if you're bear)... but i believe it can be most triumphant. if you want to join up that's great, the basic idea is that its a book club. no different to the original book club attempted idea except for the actual meeting up... because we can testify to how well that turned out. so if you'd like to contribute you can write articles / comment on other peoples articles / whatever really. since this is a really shitty introduction i'll delete it later, just wanted to get the general idea across and see who wanted to contribute. so join!
jump on the bandwagon and this will be immaculate babes!

1 comment:

George said...

els (and books) are the bomb :D
oops. im sorry. am i ruining the solemness of the bookclub page???
anyway this is great. thanks love!!